Güthlein’s bratwurst sausages

Our pride and joy!

GÜTHLEIN’s bratwurst sausages are known as among the best of their kind well beyond the outskirts of Erlangen. They are regularly “exported” as far as Berlin and beyond.

Our bratwurst sausages are the classic, coarsely minced Franconian style in a “Bändl”, or natural casing.
They are made from pure pork, with natural spices such as marjoram.
Their uncooked weight is around 90g.
Their carefully selected contents make our bratwurst sausages also suitable for anyone with lactose or gluten intolerance.

Our butchers make them by hand, fresh each day, and are proud of their skilful and careful work.
Güthlein’s bratwurst sausages are not only available in our retail outlets and restaurant, but also at Entlas Keller and in pastry at the Gulden and Pickelmann bakeries.
They also play an indispensable part with „Güthlein on Tour“ at Erlangen’s spring festival, castle garden festival or the market festival.


“A welcome sight for every guest:
Güthlein’s bratwurst are the best.”