The team

The Güthlein team of more than 40 employees have long experience in the fields of cooking, service, butcher’s shop and sales, as well as hotel and office.

Our whole team strongly reflects these qualities:

Long service

15, 20 or even 30 years’ service are not exceptional with the Güthleins. Our chef Monika, for example, has been devoted to her job for 34 years. If you have ever enjoyed a plate of her grandma-style roast pork, you’ll understand what that means.


The diversity of our jobs is just as varied as our staff’s own backgrounds. Whether they are specialists, mothers or fathers, newcomers from different sectors, students and trainees – everyone feels at home with us. We have staff working on a full-time, part-time or mini-job basis to match the time available.


Everyone plays a part in the decision-making process. Whoever has a good idea implements it as well.
We believe it is important to give all staff as much scope as possible and to involve them in all decisions. That is the big advantage of a family company. Only in this way can we preserve the fun of doing our jobs, by letting our staff see themselves as hosts for our many valued guests.

Warm, welcoming & family-based

The Güthlein inn’s special atmosphere is not just marked by the family itself, but above all by its warm and friendly staff. We see ourselves as one big family, dealing openly with each other, where everyone feels at home. That’s something you can feel at the Güthlein inn.

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