Butcher’s shop

Having our own butcher’s shop with regional meat products means that we have the best possible meat and sausage meat in our sales outlets as well as for the meals served in our restaurant.

With their team of four butchers and ten sales staff, Heinz & Jörg Güthlein ensure that the two shops in the Dorfstraße & Mönaustraße are kept well stocked.

You’ll find meat and sausage meat specialities, more than ten types of home-made salami and a range of delicious ham.

There are also salads, foodstuffs for your daily needs, freshly baked goods, vegetables and seasonal delicacies to round off the selection.

We are particularly proud of our GÜTHLEINs Bratwurst sausages.

Enjoy a convenient and varied midday snack at our hot counter, open daily.

Our staff in the butcher’s shop are also responsible for preparing the cold dishes for our catering service. Every day, they put up orders of cold platters, fine canapés and a variety of hampers as presents, all lovingly prepared by hand.

Get the help and skilled advice of our experienced staff!

PS: every Wednesday we feature a “Schlachtschüssel” of fresh pork and sausage meat. You can enjoy traditional Kesselfleisch (boiled belly of pork), liver sausage and black pudding in the restaurant and butcher’s shop.